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Mole Mapping

Mole Mapping

Enjoy peace of mind year after year. Mole mapping takes a ‘snap shot’ of your moles today, so that any changes - new moles, moles that are suspicious or differences in existing moles - are easier to detect over time. Early detection means moles can be removed quickly and easily.

The procedure

A mole mapping consultation involves a thorough examination by a doctor of the skin’s surface, then taking of a series of clinical digital images, capturing a complete record of your skin. This includes dermoscopic imaging of any suspicious lesions so we can assess the internal structure of the mole. If there are any questionable moles, we’ll get you back for another check after three to six months. Once you are on our database if you have any moles or pigment that gives concern we can check and review your older imaging.

If you would like, we’ll give you copies of the images so you can self-check any changes.

Who is this procedure for?

Anybody, but particularly people with:

  • A lot of moles (50 to 100)
  • Large or unusual coloured or shaped moles
  • Moles in hard to see places – eg, your back
  • A history of melanoma (you or your family)
  • Moles and fair skin that has a history of sunburn
  • Any skin patch that concerns you, pigmented or otherwise

We can do either spot checks of moles of concern or whole body screening.

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