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Hair Removal

Hair can be a pain when it’s where you don’t want it. Plucking, shaving and waxing have their place but they’re only short term solutions. How better would life be if you could forget all about it? With a course of Intense Pulsed Light™ (IPL) treatment you may be able to do just that.

IPL directs pulses of light at the hair follicles lying below the skin’s surface. The absorbed light heats the hair, damaging its potential to regrow, all without damaging the skin.

Usually it takes around four to six sessions to produce long term results.

The treatment

The area to be treated will be shaved and a cold gel applied before the laser treatment begins.

You may experience a slight stinging sensation during treatment. However, most people can tolerate this without anaesthetic. And afterwards there may be some slight reddening or light swelling at the treatment site – often a good sign that the treatment is effective!

Much of the hair comes away as the gel is removed. The remaining treated hair falls out over the next few weeks.

Generally side effects are rare and most people can get on with their daily lives right away.

Who is this treatment for?
IPL is safe for most skin types and is effective in reducing regrowth on most pigmented hair – black, brown and red hair.

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